Magnus the Pious


The greatest hero of the Empire since the time of Sigmar was a minor nobleman from Nuln, Magnus the Pious. Alone, he rallied a divided Empire to action during the darkest days of the Great War Against Chaos. A devout follower of Sigmar, who he claimed inspired his deeds, Magnus roused the common folk to arms with stirring oratory, and gathered a force of many thousands. The Elector Counts, shrewd politicians, judging to gain by Magnus’s leadership and popularity, joined his banner as his armies marched north.

Before the walls of Kislev, Magnus’s troops were beset by a multitude of Chaos warriors, daemons and twisted monsters. Outnumbered, all seemed lost, but the men of the Empire never faltered, dying weapon in hand, wounds to the front. Swamped by the screaming hordes, Magnus prayed to Sigmar. On a ridge behind Kul’s force appeared contingents of Kislevite lancers and Imperial knights. Sent by Magnus to investigate Praag, they returned horrified by what they had witnessed, and were determined to avenge the atrocity. Their charge broke the Chaos army, and Magnus’s men butchered the fleeing horde.

The jubilant people of the Empire elevated Magnus as Emperor. He brought order to the realm, cleansing the forests of Chaos and resettling land abandoned long ago to wilderness. His most famous legacy was the foundation of the Colleges of Magic. The infernal enchantments of Kul’s sorcerers would have decimated Magnus’s force had it not been for the wards of Teclis, a powerful high elf mage who travelled from Ulthuan to aid mankind. Teclis taught the first Masters, who were originally lowly hedge wizards, training them to regulate their magical talents and use them for the good of the Empire. Before this, the Empire had persecuted all spellcasters.

Magnus the Pious is still honoured as a hero. In temples throughout the land, candles are lit and prayers uttered in remembrance of his name. Since his time, the Empire has enjoyed growing stability.

Magnus the Pious

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