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    h2. High Elves p. Friendship between [[the Empire | the Empire]] and [[Ulthuan]] was cemented when [[:teclis | Teclis]] aided [[:magnus-the-pious | Magnus the Pious]] in founding [[The Colleges of Magic | the Colleges of Magic]]. High elves tend to …

  • Athel Loren

    The Forest of Loren or Athel Loren as it is commonly known is technically a part of the kingdom of [[Bretonnia | Bretonnia]], but in fact hides the kingdom of [[Elves | the Wood Elves]]. To the north and north-east the forest is bordered by [[the Grey …

  • Ulthuan

    Ulthuan is an island-continent and ancient home of [[Elves | the High Elves]]. It is located in middle of [[the Great Ocean]], west of [[the Old World | the Old World]]. The nation comprises ten kingdoms, each ruled by various noble families that owe …

  • Teclis

    Teclis is the current High Loremaster of the Tower of Hoeth, and the greatest living mage amongst the [[Elves | High Elves]].

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