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  • the Great War Against Chaos

    In 2301, the tide of [[Chaos]] washed over the south. The warlord Asavar Kul, a massive army of [[Chaos]] behind him, vowed to sacrifice the civilised realms to his gods. The ensuing struggle became known as the Great War Against Chaos, initiated when Kul …

  • Sigmar Heldenhammer

    In his youth, Sigmar was a prince of the Unberogen tribe. He saved the [[dwarfs | dwarf]] King Kurgan Ironbeard of Karaz-a-Karak from [[Greenskins | orc]] ambushers. Ironbeard rewarded Sigmar with Ghal Maraz – the legendary warhammer known as Skull …

  • Magnus the Pious

    The greatest hero of [[the Empire | the Empire]] since the time of [[:sigmar | Sigmar]] was a minor nobleman from [[Nuln | Nuln]], Magnus the Pious. Alone, he rallied a divided [[the Empire | Empire]] to action during the darkest days of [[the Great War …

  • Teclis

    Teclis is the current High Loremaster of the Tower of Hoeth, and the greatest living mage amongst the [[Elves | High Elves]].

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