Foremost of the provinces is Reikland, sheltered by the Grey Mountains and carpeted by the Reikwald Forest. The wide River Reik is the province’s lifeblood, and a constant traffic of barges carry goods and people to and from every corner of the Empire. The Imperial capital, Altdorf, greatest city in the Old World, sits where the Talabec converges with the Reik. The Emperor, Karl Franz, Elector Count of Reikland, rules from here, a champion of Sigmar and embodiment of the Empire’s might.

Altdorf’s coffers bulge from the passing trade, and many of the Reikland’s towns and villages thrive. Trade flourishes with neighbouring Bretonnia and wealthy Marienburg, a city-port beyond the edge of the Empire where the Reik meets the sea. Nobles and merchants bask in their riches, and hardworking folk scratch a comfortable living, but the poorest Reiklanders teeter at the brink of the gutter. As a result, crime prospers – city gangs intimidate and steal, and rural brigands lurk in the forests. Roadwarden patrols offer some protection to travellers terrified of ambush on lonely roads.

Danger is ever present. Although the province is far from the threat of the northern Chaos hordes, the depths of the Reikwald are home to beastmen warherds, the terror of forest settlements. Those farms in the shadow of the mountains endure greenskin attacks, while isolated communities fear undead horrors that roam the night. In the cities, lost among the crowds, cultists plot and whisper. Altdorf is a hotbed of intrigue, and the servants of Chaos have infiltrated every niche of society, from disaffected slum dwellers to courtiers in the Imperial palace. The Emperor’s agents struggle to maintain law and order against overwhelming odds.


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